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      The photo-literary material you will view on this site is published with the intentions of giving the readers a working knowledge of the fauna, flora, terrain, and climate of South-Eastern North America, and the subjects we cover in the courses we offer. Through our wilderness skills courses we hope to provide the individual with a better understanding of the forests of the southeastern United States and a set of skills of how one can exploit the available materials within them to overcome and survive adverse situations that may be encountered in this environment. The majority of the material that is covered comes from studies specific to, and experiments conducted within, the forests of the South East United States over many years. However many of the lessons learned, knowledge gained, and philosophies developed can apply to a wide range of forest environments and survival situations.

   Any and all information presented in the following pages has been thoroughly researched to the best of my abilities. However it is always wise to cross-reference any written material regardless of the source, in the end you are solely responsible for your own actions, and your own safety.

   All of the written and photographic material that is presented on this website is copy righted to this website and to the authors of the material.

                                                                ​Brian Griffin, Founder of South East Wilderness
Warning: This site is dedicated to the study of wilderness survival. This subject is about overcoming adverse situations that are often hazardous. Training for overcoming such situations can be hazardous as well. The techniques discussed on this site are of a serious nature, and the tools used on the following pages are not toys. Care should be taken and caution, as well as common sense, should be exercised when working with any of the tools or pieces of gear shown on this site. Sharp edges can and will cut you. Fire and fire starters can and will burn you. Cold weather can and will cause cold-weather injuries. Exposure to cold damp environments can be hazardous to your health. Venomous snakes and spiders can cause severe injures. Ingesting toxic plants is hazardous to your health. People can be allergic to plants that are not known to be toxic, and a severe allergic reactions in a wilderness environment can be very dangerous. The owner of this site claims no responsibility for injuries that may occur to anyone in the process of practicing any of the techniques presented and/or subjects that are discussed on this site. I have personally sustained more than one injury in my years of study and experiment, so you practice at your own risk.