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Wilderness Skills Courses
    At Southeast Wilderness we offer a variety of specialized one-day wilderness skills courses that take place throughout the year at times best suited to each skill. The study of wilderness skills and wilderness survival does come with it's hazards, and some courses involve the use of sharp knives, so these courses are open to adults only. Special courses can be arranged for minors, but parents must be present, and in both cases there will be paper work for each person to fill out and sign prior to taking the course. Custom courses are also available by special request.

​​​​​​​​​   The following material is an overview of the Basic Wilderness Skills courses offered. This will give individual a working knowledge of what these courses offer, as well as what will be happening during the course, how the courses are taught, and what knowledge they can expect to gain from them. 

    The maximum occupancy per class is 12 students. There is a non-refundable deposit for each course that varies depending on the course and size of the group. The deposit is 50% for individuals and couples, and 30% for groups.​​ If your prefer to do so, for a fee some or perhaps all of the required items for a course can be provided for you on the day of the class, however there will be a securitydeposit to cover loss or any damage to the items. Please inquire in advance due to limited availability of some items.

   There are listings of the courses, the scheduled dates, required items, suggested items, and pricing for each of the Basic Courses located here on this page​​

Plant Identification Course
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    The forests of the Southeastern US are teaming with plant life. There are some common plants that are essentially inconsequential to your travels, there are plants that are beneficial, there are plants that are mildly harmful if touched, and there are plants that look much like common everyday plants that are actually highly toxic if consumed by humans.

   The more of the plant life around you that you learn to positively identify, the more you empower yourself and raise you level of self confidence in a wilderness environment. And the less likely you are to have a mishap or a bad encounter, ​​​that can turn you day of hiking in the woods into a true adventure, and possibly an all out race against time

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